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The Inception Period

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Nu Pi Lambda Chapter

     The Nu Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Also known as the "Arlington Alphas") was chartered on March 27, 1981, by 16 distinguished Alpha men.  The Arlington Alphas serves the Arlington/Mid-Cities area of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For over 40 years, the Nu Pi Lambda chapter has worked diligently to build upon the pillars of brotherhood, mentorship, and innovation established by our charter members while also striving to uphold the aims of manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind

     Since its inception, the chapter has received several honors for its commitment to social action and community service including the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters (TCAC) and Southwest Regional Chapter of the Year awards. The flagship program of the Nu Pi Lambda chapter is the Alpha Ambassador’s Club (AAC). Sponsored by the chapter’s education foundation, the AAC is a mentoring program whose focus is to train young men to be future leaders. To bolster its fundraising efforts, the chapter currently sponsors two signature events which are the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Breakfast and the Terry “Deke” German Black and Gold Scholarship Ball. Both events successfully serve as fundraisers which assist the Nu Pi Lambda Education Foundation in providing scholarships to well-deserving students.

     Since the chapter's chartering, many distinguished gentlemen have been initiated into the Nu Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The current members of the chapter hold various vocations, including law, engineering, government, education, religion, and business, and are involved in numerous civic organizations. The chapter encourages intellectual growth and success by offering alumni networking opportunities throughout the year which encourage bonding between members and helps to create the foundation for lasting friendships.

Founding Charter Members

William S. Wilcott Jr.

Jesse Stevens

Lester D. Scott

Larry W. Powell

Wesley L. Nute

Thurman Miles

Donald Alexander

David W. Bright

Glenn L. Brown

Steve A. Delley

Lee M. Elder

Maurise J. Ferrell

Frederick Gipson

John E. Hanson

*Stephen A. Lewis

Ronald J. McMillan

* Entered Omega Chapter

Chapter First Speeches



March 27, 1985

    Greetings to the beautiful ladies in the audience, friends and my Brothers in Alpha.  It is a pleasure for me to stand before you tonight as we come to celebrate the forth year of our Chapter’s existence.  I am particularly happy to have served as President these past years and am encouraged by our potential for an even brighter future. Nu Pi Lambda Chapter was born in the wake of the Diamond Jubilee of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  Its rise came out of a desire of young Brothers, new to the “Real World,” to continue their bonds of Brotherhood, Service and Commitment.

    Our original intent was to develop a mechanism for Brother to have free and open expressions in Alpha, without restrictions based on length of service, prior leadership positions or the “that’s how we’ve always done it mentality.”  Innovation and new ideas would be our motto.  Dedication would be our mode of travel.  Success and growth would be our goal.

     In the months of formation it took the vision of John Hanson, the objectivity of Steve Lewis, the commitment of Brothers Steve Delley, Larry Powell, Maurise Ferrell and Lester Scott, the daring of Fred Gipson and the dependability of William Wilcott to get us on track. During the period of development, it has taken the self-sacrificing spirit of Alexander Mack, the persistence of Kirk Floyd and the level headedness  and innovation of Fred Gibson to keep us going.

     In the uncertain times which lie ahead the key to our continued progress and success lies in the dedication to  purpose of Brothers Cleveland, Hilton and Reed; and the youthful enthusiasm of Frank Nute and Oliver Walker; the willingness to give of Todd Powell and Greg Reeves, the devotion of Ken Manous and our hope in Brothers Tony Powell, Guy Davis, Gil Smith, Theo Stewart and Bob Dukes.

     Chapter priorities are prefaced by the creation of a sound financial base in order to implement programs that include:

  • The establishment of the Alpha Star Program in September 1985 – a mentorship program aimed at giving young Black males a positive role model and fostering their development as men.

  • The  continuation of the Stephen A. Lewis Scholarship for undergraduate Brothers as well as;

  • The creation of a Scholarship for High School seniors to assist in entering college for the first time.

  • Enhancing our Food Basket Program for needy families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons.

  • Fostering family growth through family-oriented programing and commitment to a strong Alpha unit in the Metroplex by supporting college chapters, other alumni chapters as well as the Metro Council.

The State of Nu Pi Lambda Chapter as of March 27, 1985:

Physical Condition:  Excellent, with potential for even greater development through new leadership.

Financial Status:      Promising and stable.

Membership:            Dedicated and encouraging and on the rise.

Goals:                       Increased service to the community, development of even stronger bonds of Brotherhood, and the                                         preservation of family structure and values.

Potential:                  Limitless, bounded only by the scope of the human imagination.

Future:                     Bright, with the capabilities of providing “Light” to the World.

                           It has again been a pleasure to share this occasion with you.Thank you.



March 27, 1987

    Greetings to the wives, sweethearts, and friends; to President Calvin Hilton and the officers of Nu Pi Lambda; to all the Brothers of Nu Pi Lambda, it is a double honor for to me stand before you on this particular occasion, as we celebrate the Chartering of our Chapter. As one of the Founding Brothers of the Chapter and as its first President, I marvel at the growth, development, and leadership of the Chapter over the past six years.  Today, as a Brother of the Chapter, I am filled with both gratitude and praise for the sixteen Brothers who boldly pioneered the period that laid the foundation for our present status.

    Founders’ Day is generally a time for reflection.  I ask that tonight we not limit ourselves to reflecting on the events of the past six and a half years, but rather we also employ that special vision to project on the future and what we are destined to achieve. It is important for us to remember that August 1980 meeting, held at 2112 Hoover, in which a group of Alpha Brothers gathered together, took a stand, set a goal, and charted a course.  Let us never forget that under the leadership of Brother John Hanson, these Brothers worked toward the establishment of the first Alumni Black Greek-lettered organization in Arlington, Texas.

     Yes, it is essential that we pay note to the three Pledge Lines of 1982, 1984, and 1986 initiating thirteen Brothers into “the House of Alpha”. It is necessary that we remember Brother Stephen A. Lewis and the establishment of a scholarship in his name. It is also necessary for us to reflect on the role our Chapter has played in the State, Regional, and National levels of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. We must reflect on the establishment of the Alpha Star Program and its impact on the lives of young Black boys in our community. 

     We must always remember that we were established on the premise that ALL BROTHERS, whether young or old, are to be valued.  They each have ideas, abilities, and talents which when pooled for the greater good can reach heights bounded only by the limits of our imagination. The areas of Chapter involvement and experiences which I have just mentioned all involve great achievement on our part.  They indicate an interest in and commitment to not only our growth and development but also the advancement of our race and the community of man. 

     It exhibits a particular concern for the development of our youth as a means of charting a new course which will lead to a new direction for the Black community. It also, focuses on the fact that our Chapter’s greatest asset is the Brotherhood we maintain.  But are these accomplishments enough?  Can we now rest and watch the rest of the world? Have we completed our task? Is it not time for someone else to carry the torch?

     I dare to say to you, No my Brothers!  We can’t stop now!  As long as there is a tomorrow, we must not rest!  As long as there are young Black males without a positive male role model in the home, we must sacrifice our time and energy!  As long as the American system of equality seems off balance when it comes to opportunity and justice for minorities and the disadvantaged!  We must, my Brothers, continue to work tirelessly to tilt the scales of justice and opportunity.

As long as young Brothers of Alpha long to continue the bonds of our Fraternity beyond the college experience, we must welcome them and provide an incubator for their continued development.

     I say to you, my Brothers of Nu Pi Lambda, that yes our Founders laid a firm foundation in the establishment of this Chapter. Yes! We have bettered the quality of life for many in our community. Yes! Our influence has been felt throughout Alpha Phi Alpha. Yes! We have focused on Brotherhood and the value and worth of each of our Brothers. But, my Brothers, our task is not finished. We must press on!  We must, in the transcending spirit of Alpha, project the image of “servant to all.”  Let us forever continue to combine our talents, confronting for new challenges, climbing to new heights, transforming our community to that better world.                                                                                                   

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